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USS Grayling

Rocky Mountain Submarine Veterans

Graylling pic

USS Grayling (SS-209)

Sadly, on 30 September, 1943, she was reported...
“Overdue and presumed lost... with all hands”. 

76 men went down with their Boat and remain on Eternal Patrol.

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USS Grayling (SS 209) is one of the 52 submarines lost during World War II and is the designated Memorial Submarine for the State of Colorado. The remembrance memorial is located at Sloan’s Lake, Denver, Colorado.

Grayling disappeared with all hands somewhere near the approaches to Manila Bay on/about 1 September, 1943. She was the 17th submarine lost in WWII.

Grayling began her illustrious career in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on 1 March, 1941. During her short lived service she completed 8 War Patrols and was credited with sinking 16 enemy vessels and damaging 6 others.

The Grayling had the opportunity of her life to sink the Japanese aircraft carrier HOSO on her very first patrol but, as were other early “Boats”, was plagued by faulty torpedoes. She conducted operations in the Japanese Homeland for her second patrol and participated in the Battle of Midway on her third. The Philippine Islands were the scene of her fifth and sixth ventures into enemy waters, while the seventh was in the Borneo area.

She slipped her mooring lines for her final journey into enemy waters on 30 July, 1943. She reported sinking a small tanker and taking one prisoner on 20 August.No further direct transmissions were received from the Grayling after that report

Indirect reports indicated that on the 23rd, she slipped into Panay on an important mission to deliver much needed supplies to guerrillas there. Then she went on to reconnoiter Tablas Strait until 2 September. Throughout September, her silence was deafening. Finally and sadly, on 30 September, 1943, she was reported as “…overdue and presumed lost with all hands”. Personnel onboard included eight officers and sixty-eight enlisted men.

The Gallant Submarine and her crew now rest in the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific, on Eternal Patrol, their location known only to themselves and their Supreme Commander

Sailor, rest your oar. Well Done!

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